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Eliminate various threats such as mold growth and bacteria with the aid of the valuable air duct cleaning tips available on this page. Take the right measures to protect your loved ones and yourself and to enjoy better living now and in the coming years.

Check HVAC air filters regularly

During the inspection, you should evaluate the level of dust and dirt that has accumulated. You should also check their condition. Watch out for wear and tear and damages. If cleaning cannot restore the filters to their normal function, they must be replaced right away. This is essential for keeping the air inside the property clean.

Check the air supply registers often

If the air supply registers in the house start getting really dusty and dirty, it is usually an indication that air ducts are filthy, too. If you check them often, obtain the chance to plan air duct cleaning and avoid dealing with serious problems related to your health.

Use a dryer vent made from rigid metal.

The smooth inner surface allows for a very low rate of lint building up. The exhaust vent works more effectively and this reduces the drying time. With shorter drying time, you save money on energy. More importantly, the risk of house fire starting from the dryer is much lower.

Clean and replace HVAC air filters more often, if you have pets

Check the filters once a month for excess particle accumulation and for pet hair. Clean or replace the filters accordingly without wasting time.

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