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HVAC Unit Cleaning

HVAC Unit Cleaning
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Are you concerned about the air quality on your premises or that your family is breathing in harmful pollutants?  If the answer is yes, then you need to arrange for an HVAC unit cleaning and testing. Using state of the art equipment, our technicians will check, identify, and carry out any necessary repairs. Our team will ensure that your unit is working efficiently, providing you with high-quality air again and even helping you save on energy bills.

The Importance of Air Quality

HVAC Unit CleaningIt’s easy to take the air circulating around our homes for granted. We breathe without giving it a second thought literally thousands of times per day. Unfortunately though, the air can be polluted with dust, bacteria, and mold which means all member of the household are inadvertently inhaling potentially harmful contaminants. The ones most susceptible to health hazards are usually young children, seniors or people already battling breathing conditions such as asthma. Even so, poor indoor air quality is a threat not just for them but for anyone inhaling it. It can lead to the development of a number of issues such as the increased predisposition to colds, flues, lethargies and more. 

Filter Replacement

By regularly checking and replacing the filters of your HVAC unit, you are making sure that the air in your home is clean and fresh. Filters play a very important role - they are basically the entry gate for the air into your property. They trap dust and dirt particles along with other unwanted substances, to prevent them from circulating around your home. What’s more, over time, these pollutants can accumulate and eventually clog your unit’s filters. Our skilled technicians can quickly replace your filters and ensure that you are breathing easily once more.

Pick the Right Date

Keep the air in your home fresh by arranging scheduled cleaning and maintenance appointments. Our local team will remove any pollutants and make sure that the air in your property is safe and clean to breathe. When our technicians visit your home, they will carry out a full maintenance check on your HVAC unit and get everything back in full working order. Avoid unexpected issues and breakdowns to ensure your system is energy efficient. Moreover, they will also be able to perform air quality testing before and after the service to guarantee the success of the operation.

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Allow our professional team at Air Duct Cleaning Palo Alto to carry out thorough HVAC unit cleaning. Not only will this set your mind at rest but it will also save you money in the long-run by being more energy efficient. Contact us now to arrange an appointment.

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