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Expand your knowledge on various topics related to air duct cleaning and upkeep by reading this FAQ page. The information shared here is helpful for each and every homeowner. Read it attentively and use it effectively now and in the future!

What's newer air duct materials better?

The new air duct materials are made to last longer, are insulated, and the installation techniques are much better overall. Observe if there's a chance for the ducts to travel a shorter path. This will make the whole system more efficient and you won't experience any significant energy loss. These are all good reasons for old air duct replacement.

Can air duct walls be protected?

This is done with a special type of coating which is used for covering the inner walls of the ducts. Our specialists explain that its purpose is to protect the surfaces from the accumulation of dust and dirt. Some types of coats provide protection from bacteria and mold as well. If the coating is damaged, it must be repaired in a timely fashion.

How long does it take to clean my air ducts?

Depending on how many vents and the number of rooms, a typical cleaning session will average between 3 and 4 hours. Nonetheless, there is always potential for various complications and unexpected issues to arise. That being said, our technicians usually recommend setting aside a good half a day for such operations. 

Is there a universal cleaner for the outdoor and indoor HVAC unit coils?

Such a product would be either ineffective or dangerous. This is because the formula of the outdoor unit cleaners contains high amounts of sodium hydroxide in order to work potently. At the same time, this compound produces fumes which can be dangerous for humans if not dispersed quickly. This cannot happen in an indoor environment.

Will cleaning my air ducts reduce my energy bills?

Yes. EPA research has demonstrated that cleaning an air duct system helps it operate more efficiently and allows air to move more freely. A clean and efficient cooling and heating system is much less likely to break down, and will operate more efficiently while having a longer life span.

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